Prac has begun……

After having so much anticipation on Monday night about what prac would be like and reading Melissa’s post I now feel very relieved that it has begun.

Well… I am reporting on my first two days of prac. I have an excellent mentor teacher, I could not ask for anything more. She is very supportive and has an extremely organised classroom where the children follow the behaviour management system to a T.

My first day yesterday was set aside as an observation day however my mentor teacher decided at lunch time that I should take the afternoon science lesson, it was on the different ways animals move. I was super nervous but knew I had to just get in and do it. The classroom has an interactive whiteboard which I just love.

Today I taught a Maths lesson on equal sharing and an art lesson which was lots of fun and the kids were really engaged.

The days go so fast and I feel as though I am always running out of time at the end of each lesson. I have planned my lessons for tomorrow and Friday and I know what I need to plan for before next week too.

Also, I have had some exposure to so great new resources and a really practical way to plan.

Off to a great start in Prep 🙂


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